Business Consulting Services


Helping Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Lorintine Capital brings together a unique team of talent not often seen in small advisory firms. Investment advisors, paired with attorneys, business founders, marketers, and years of experience in assisting entrepreneurs, small, and medium size businesses all blend together to help our clients succeed. We take a limited number of clients per year (typically less than four) and assist with everything from company formation, business planning, legal work from contracts to leases, and can assist in planning and executing a funding strategy.


Lorintine Capital recently signed a new client, a technology firm. We quickly assisted with making sure the entity was structured properly legally, that the partners had the proper legal paperwork setup between them, and that they were setup to be as tax efficient as possible. This firm had an amazing product, and was in initial discussions with several large national firms, but had never negotiated, or contracted for, a multi-million dollar product sale. We assisted in putting together letters of intent, drafting and editing contracts, and making sure the appropriate permits were in place to conduct the transaction. All told, we probably saved them over half a million dollars in actual legal and other bills.

With this transaction completed, we’re putting together an investor pitch deck and fundraising plan to set out and raise money for expansion.

Now of course our work does not come free, but we view our clients as partners, and typically take a small piece of the business in exchange for our assistance and services. If the business succeeds, so do we, and if doesn’t, we’ve lost a lot of time and resources as well. Our clients are our partners — not just a profit center — and we do whatever we can to keep our interests aligned with theirs so we all grow together.


When pairing with a business we typically provide any or all of the following services through us or our partners:

  • Legal – Entity formation, contracts, employment agreements, real estate transactions/leases, business transactions, negotiation and sale of a business, and/or fundraising legal services
  • Business – We’ve been involved in almost every industry imaginable – banking, real estate, shipping, entertainment, advertising, technology, sales…the list could go on. This gives us a unique perspective into what works for business and what does not. We can help with setting  budgets, sales targets, identifying ideal customers, and generally assisting with steering your business in the right direction. Often we find we think of things owners may not have and enjoy assisting where we can
  • Financial – Whether its budgeting, setting up a company 401k, or investing business proceeds, financial services are always a core of what we can provide
  • Fundraising – Loritnine Capital assists companies in developing and executing funding strategies whether it is finding new equity partners, debt, angel investors, or sales partners. We assist in identifying optimal investment strategies, discuss them with our client, put together any necessary paperwork, and attempt to assist in finding the actual investor.

Our goal is to put our time, energy, and money into your business so we can grow together.