Individual Retirement Plan Services


Individualized 401(k) Assistance

Lorintine Capital works with individuals and their current 401(k) or other retirement plans to assist with optimizing portfolio and contribution decisions. 401(k) accounts often receive minimal amounts of attention from financial advisors since it's typically not an account they can directly manage and therefore be compensated upon. Yet it's not uncommon for this to be an individuals largest account. We recognize this potential conflict of interest and have designed a service model to make sure your 401(k) account receives the attention it deserves. 

How does it work

Lorintine Capital goes through the following process with individual 401(k) clients:

  • We begin by getting to know our client, their risk tolerance, and their current financial situation.
  • Next your advisor will look at your s existing 401(k) plan, employer matching program, and your contribution schedule to ensure the right amount of withholding is occurring for your financial situation.
  • After this we take a detailed look at your available fund lineup, the fees of those funds, and make a recommendation on which funds to purchase and in what amounts.
  • For clients comfortable and committed to doing so, we can send you a quarterly custom report with reallocation recommendations based on a process known as relative strength momentum.
  •  All of this is done for a flat fee, regardless of your account size. If you maintain other accounts or investments with Lorintine Capital, this service may be provided at a discounted rate.

Benefits and Limitations

By participating in Lorintine Capital's individual 401(k) advisory program, you gain an experienced advisor who helps remove the uncertainty, stress, and guesswork that comes with deciding how much to invest and in which funds. We are available for calls, ongoing advice, and are happy to assist with any of your financial needs inside and outside of your company 401(k) plan. If you'd like to have a conversation with us about your situation, just click the button below.

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