Managed Accounts


Individual Managed Accounts

Lorintine Capital works with individuals and their retirement, college savings, and other intermediate to long term investment accounts. Through TD Ameritrade Institutional, we can act as the investment advisor on a wide variety of account types such as:

  • Individual, joint, or community property
  • Custodial (UGMA/UTMA)
  • Trust
  • Traditional or Roth IRA
  • Coverdell (Education IRA)
  • Traditional or Roth Beneficiary IRA
  • SEP or Simple IRA
  • Individual 401(k)


One of the foundations for any advisor-client relationship is an understanding of that client’s preferences and risk tolerances.  Lorintine Capital asks its clients and potential clients to go through a simple questionnaire to help us learn about their preferences.

We believe that the days of stereotyping investors based on age and income, as most large firms do, is not in each individual’s best interest as each individual is different.  Instead, setting expectations based on portfolio expectations and education, leads to better informed and happier clients.  We also have learned that many investors put themselves into a category such as “aggressive” or “risk adverse,” without knowing what those categories really mean.  Completing this basic questionnaire helps us develop the most target services to our clients.

It’s free and comes with no obligation.  Click here to take our free Risk Assessment Quiz.


After determining a client’s risk score, Lorintine Capital typically implements one of four core portfolios:

1. Cash Management

2. Conservative

3. Moderate

4. Aggressive

Each portfolio is based on an investment philosophy known as evidence based investing — we look towards financial science and the evidence of history to construct efficient, low cost portfolios built to stand the test of time. Our core portfolios are constructed with mutual funds and ETF’s from leading asset managers such as Dimensional Fund Advisors, AQR Capital, Vanguard, and others.

Lorintine Capital believes that disciplined asset allocation decisions based on an investors willingness and need to take risk are the key to success – not trying to guess where markets will go next or which individual stocks are likely to outperform.