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Lorintine Capital is a unique investment advisory firm. Our advisors do not receive commissions for selling securities or accept referral fees. We believe the only consideration in making recommendations to you is how likely it is to help you achieve your goals. As an independent firm we are not beholden to any company or product. This firm is small, nimble, and client focused - yet we offer a wide variety of products and services to meet the needs of our diverse client base. Low overhead ensures we can remain focused on client goals. Our principal advisors have achieved the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, personally own the investments they recommend, and are advocates of the fiduciary standard.


Lorintine Capital believes in the value of long term planning and offers the education and perspective to help clients define and achieve their financial goals. You can expect an advisor-client experience that includes conviction in our investment philosophy, confidence in our advice, and an unwavering focus on your personal situation. We will educate you about investing in a way that makes sense, and we'll set expectations of what's likely, as well as what's possible, in both the short and long term. Our message will be consistent during up and down markets, and always based on historical evidence instead of anecdotal opinions. We will be here to help you filter through the noise of financial media, liberating you to live your life to the fullest knowing you have a sound financial plan. Together, we'll enjoy the ride.


One of the foundations for any advisor-client relationship is an understanding of that client's preferences and risk tolerances.  Lorintine Capital works with one of the leading risk analytical firms in the country, Riskalyze.


Risalyze believes that the days of stereotyping investors based on age and income, as most large firms do, is not in each individual's best interest as each individual is different.  Instead, setting expectations based on portfolio expectations and education, leads to better informed and happier clients.


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Lorintine Capital SITREP for May, 2015

***************************************************** SITREP: n. a report on the current situation; a military abbreviation; from “situation report”. ***************************************************** The very big picture: In the “decades” timeframe, the question of whether we are in a continuing Secular Bear Market that began in 2000 or in a new Secular Bull Market has been the subject of hot debate among…May 7, 2018

What does it mean to have proper expectations in investing?

Our job as investment advisors is as much about human management as investment management. We spend as much of our time acting as behavioral counselors with clients as we do discussing strategy and markets. In our recent article about quantitative investment management we touched on the limitations of analyzing investment portfolios only by their track record. In…May 7, 2018

Quantitative Analysis: It’s (Not) All About The Numbers

I’m a big fan of the work of Cliff Asness and AQR (Applied Quantitative Research).  Cliff was recently on Bloomberg Radio with Barry Ritholtz. You can listen here to his Feb 21st interview. About twelve minutes in Barry asked Cliff what it means to be a quantitative investor in which Cliff replied that “quantitative investment managers are…May 7, 2018

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