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Lorintine Capital is a full service investment advisory firm who works with a variety of clients – from individuals to corporations at all stages of their lives and business cycles. Our principal office is located in Dallas, Texas and our main branch is located in Gilbert, Arizona. Our services include:


♦ Financial Planning — Although many professionals call themselves either a “financial planner” or “financial advisor”, only CFP® professionals have completed extensive training and are held to the highest ethical, fiduciary, and education standards.  Our advisors enjoy learning about our clients, their dreams and goals, and can design specific financial plans to assist them in reaching those goals.

♦ Individual Managed Accounts — We help open accounts for our clients, assist in identifying appropriate investment strategies, and implement those strategies. Typically accounts are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional, which provides clients with low costs and modern technology.

♦ Hedge Funds — Lorintine Capital manages several private hedge funds for our clients across a variety of diverse strategies and asset classes.  These funds are designed to provide access to our flagship strategies in the most operationally efficient manner.  Our private fund products are generally only available to accredited investors and/or qualified clients. Our funds have varying risk and return objectives and invest primarily in physical real estate, mutual funds, ETF’s, and option contracts.

401(k) Advice for Individuals — Many individuals have a 401(k) or other employer retirement plan account that often represents the bulk of their wealth, yet they receive little or no professional advice on how to allocate their account balance.  We offer services to review your specific plan’s available investments and make recommendations.  For our most engaged clients, we also can provide custom reports that rank your available funds with quarterly recommended reallocations.


♦ 401(k) and Other Retirement Plan Services — We provide investment advice to plan sponsors and participants of small and medium size businesses. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are able to act as your plan’s 3(38) Investment Manager and Fiduciary. We will construct and oversee your plan’s investment lineup and Investment Policy Statement, provide model portfolios for participants, education for participants, as well as 1 on 1 personalized advice. Our services typically provide a significant upgrade to plan and participant services and oversight, yet routinely reduce and provide more transparency on costs.

♦ Entrepreneur/Small Business consulting and assistance — Our advisors have a unique skill set which allows us to directly advise and assist entrepreneurs, first stage, and second stage companies form and grow. Our principal is also an attorney with years of experience of working with small businesses. We help with everything from business plans, consulting, contracting, and advice to helping develop financing plans and fundraising strategies. Just as with individuals, our goal is to help our business clients grow and reach their fullest potential.

Our Philosophy


Every investment and financial plan starts with having a goal. We will help you crystallize your objectives, and create a dollar and date specific timeline for achieiving these objectives. This is true whether it’s saving for a major purchase, for a child’s education, or your own financial independence. Once we have clearly defined realistic goals, we will construct a balanced and well diversified portfolio with the right amount of risk to match your risk tolerance and required rate of return to meet your objectives. From this point on, we will have periodic reviews together to track your progress towards your goals and to maintain perspective during difficult times. This process can be summarized as follows:

1. Have a goal

2. Maintain a balanced and diversified portfolio

3. Minimize costs

4. Focus on the long term


Not all financial professionals are required to put their client’s interests first – only those who are fiduciaries.

What does this mean? As fiduciaries, we owe our clients the highest standard of care. According to the SEC, being a fiduciary requires:

  • Acting with undivided loyalty and utmost good faith
  • Providing a full and fair disclosure of all material fact
  • Not misleading clients
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest and disclosing any potential conflicts of interest
  • Not using a client’s assets for the advisor’s own benefit of the benefit of other clients

How do we do ensure that we are always acting as fiduciaries? Through several core principals:

  • CLEAR COMPENSATION.  We do not receive commissions for selling securities, and we do not represent a broker-dealer. Nor do we take soft dollars from brokerage firms or advertisers. We do not take kick backs. We do not take referral fees. We want to grow with you, not at your expense, and we work hard to make sure our interests are aligned with yours as fiduciaries. Depending on the client’s needs, we are typically compensated either in the form of a management fee, performance fee, or some combination of both.
  • CLEAR INDEPENDENCE. We are not associated with any other investment managers or companies who dictate the investments we recommend to you. By not having product or sales requirements or being beholden to a “brand name” we can recommend investment solutions we believe are best for you. We use a third party custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional, a division of TD Ameritrade, Inc., to possess our client’s funds and to clear trades.  You have full access to your account, and maintain control over it at all times.
  • CLEAR COMMUNICATION. We attempt to cut through industry jargon by simplifying data and listening to your interests and needs as it relates to your financial goals. We develop clear plans, explain those plans, and stick to them until change becomes necessary.
  • CLEAR TRANSACTIONS. Each client has the ability to view each and every trade we place for them, regardless of the type of account. We do not run “black box” strategies – hidden from view.  Our client’s have access to everything we do on their behalf.

Our Team


Chris Welsh, CFP®

Investment Advisor Representative & President

P: 214-800-5164    F: 214-800-5165


“Managing risk is more effective than just tolerating it.”

Christopher Welsh is a licensed investment advisor and is the president of Lorintine Capital. He is also an attorney practicing in Dallas, Texas. Chris has been practicing law since 2006 and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. He offers investment advice to his clients, both in the law practice and outside of it. Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Texas A&M University, and a law degree from Southern Methodist University. Chris is the lead advisor to the firm’s Anchor Strategy and oversees Lorintine Capital’s real estate funds.


Jesse Blom, CFP®

Investment Advisor Representative & Vice President

P: 605-680-2972    F: 214-800-5165


“An efficient portfolio is one that, when done in a diversified and low-cost manner, reflects each investor’s unique willingness and need to take risk.”

Jesse Blom is also a licensed investment advisor and Vice President of Lorintine Capital. He provides investment advice to Lorintine Capital clients all across the country. Jesse graduated with honors from Oral Roberts University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Jesse has been in financial services since 2008, carries extensive experience in managing the majority of Lorintine Capital client accounts, and is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Jesse is the lead manager to the firm’s flagship private fund, LC Diversified Fund.