Our Business Partners


Our Business Partners

Lorintine Capital would not be where it is today without its friends, business network, and those who have helped us grow to where we are today. Below are those businesses with which we enjoy ongoing relationships, use their services, and recommend to our clients that they learn more about the services these firms offer.

Take Command Health

Take Command Health is a software company focused on helping small employers and individuals save on health insurance. Take Command Health provide tax-free reimbursement services for employers through a small business HRA (QSEHRA) and empower employees and individuals to make wise health insurance decisions with their plan choice technology

Steady Options

Steady Options is a premium options education service. It offers a combination of high quality education and actionable trade ideas. It's founder's, Kim Klaiman, goal is to share his experiences so all members can become better option traders. He publishes his actual trades from his own account and encourages members to discuss them to learn. More can be learned at its site, http://steadyoptions.com.

New Avenue

At New Avenue we want to do more with our homes and we want them to do
more for us. We believe we need to challenge the housing system and
revolutionize the way we use our homes. Designing and building accessory
dwellings, urban infill projects, and family compounds is the best way
to do this.

New Avenue is a network of architects and contractors who are creating
the largest home building company on the planet. We design and build
homes that are sustainable, affordable and healthy to live in. The
company's design/build platform pulls from thousands of lessons from
other projects to automatically deliver the right insights to the owner,
architect and contractor at the right time. This makes it easy to stay
on the same page, makes the team smarter, eliminates the costly mistakes
that others make, and keeps projects on budget.

Relativity VR

Relativity VR produces high quality, full scale, 360 degree virtual
reality productions, producing and airing including sporting events,
concerts, and special events. With our network of other virtual reality
partners, we can take on a variety of specific VR design processes.