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Lorintine Capital takes our client’s privacy and confidentiality of your personal information seriously. Your continued business is important to us and we understand the trust you put in your investment advisors. As part of our relationship, we collect, maintain and use information about you on a routine basis, much of which is confidential. To help you better understand how your personal information is protected by us we are providing you with the following statement describing our practices and policies with respect to the privacy of customer information.In the event you terminate your client relationship with us, or become an inactive client, we will continue to adhere to the policies and practices described in this notice.

Information We Collect

As a trusted investment advisor, we collect, retain and use nonpublic personal information about individual client to provide products and services to our clients. We directly collect from you the following information:

  • Financial information
  • Contact information (address, phone numbers, email);
  • Social security number and tax information;
  • Personal background information; and
  • Personal goals.

We may also collect nonpublic personal information about you from such sources as:

  • Transaction information;
  • Credit Reports; and
  • Applications.

The above is not meant to be an exhaustive or complete list of the information we may assemble on you.

Who Receives Information and why

All of the information we collect is used for only one purpose: to help deliver the services you have requested, easily and efficiently. It may also permit us to design and offer specific products that will be useful to you, as well as put together a financial plan specifically tailored to suit your needs.
Lorintine Capital does not disclose any non-public personal information about our clients or former clients to any third party, except as permitted by law.

Service Provider

At times, Lorintine Capital will enter into arrangements with companies or firms whose expertise is essential for our own services to function properly or to complete transactions. For example, Lorintine Capital uses outside brokerage services to transact trades in a client’s portfolio. As permitted by law, and as necessary to service your account, certain service providers have access to customer information that is necessary to perform these functions.
Lorintine Capital only uses service providers that have in place privacy polies to protect your information.

How we protect your Information

We understand that the protection of your nonpublic personal information is of the utmost importance. Guarding your privacy is our obligation. Lorintine Capital maintains strict procedures and policies to safeguard your privacy. We restrict employee access to customer information to only those who have a business reason to know such information, and we educate our employees about the importance of confidentiality and client privacy.

Where to find Out More

If you have any questions about our privacy program or the way your information is maintained and used, we would like to hear from you. Please call us at (214) 884-4906, or write to:

4925 Greenville Ave. Suite 200

Dallas, Texas 75206