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Quire Fund I

  •  Quire Capital Real Estate Fund invests in small balance ($1m - $10m) commercial real estate assets across the US
  •  Investment segments include:
    • Value-add, fee simple real estate
    •  Core, fee simple real estate - cap rate compression
    •  Commercial loan purchasing
    •  Bridge Financing
  •  Focus on acquiring 65%+ occupied assets at up to 50% of replacement cost through deep sourcing network of special servicers and private sellers


Quire Capital is a full service platform that invests in the distressed real estate market, primarily through special servicer auctions. The Fund will invest in distressed small balance ($1m-$10m) commercial real estate properties, acquiring them at meaningful discounts to market value. The Fund may invest in these properties through the purchase of fee simple interests, by purchasing the mortgages directly, provided they are secured by the physical real estate, or through the provision of secured bridge financing.

The Fund's goal is to generate equity like returns with greatly reduced risk to principal.

The Fund's investment edge exists due to the minimal competition which exists in the small balance market. Institutional investors, such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, ignore small balance properties as a one million dollar property or loan would have no material impact on a multi-billion dollar fund or strategy. Local or retail style investors typically avoid the special servicer auction markets due to their complex acquisition process and as they typically lack the liquidity to participate in such auctions. The auctions require cash payments in a very short period after winning a bid as well as requiring all due diligence to be completed prior to bidding. This upends the typical commercial real estate buying process wherein a soft contract is entered, due diligence is performed, bank financing is obtained, and then closing occurs. Because of this, there are not a significant number of bidders in any given auction. The Fund is specifically structured to allow us to conduct all necessary due diligence and prepare for the bidding process. Outsized returns exist because of this edge.

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